The more I create music and chase the high I get from it, the more I realize the worst thing you can do is become a prisoner of your own style. To do so places you under a tyranny of self-dependency to ultimately sustain yourself which is impossible, and without innovation or regeneration, artistry becomes a black hole — joyless and insipid.

I’m learning to tear down and deconstruct everything I think I know about music before writing a new album and there is a real beauty in feeling no need to attempt a continuation or extention or follow-up to any body of work previous. At the onset of another new chapter, I realize it has become harder to satisfy the inner craving I have for a melody that feels good to me. Because “experience” is full of its own pros and cons, it’s harder to capture something that makes me feel like I’m floating three feet above the ground — yet the astounding thing is that when I discover a new vein of inspiration through experimentation and exploration, I realize there are indeed infinite melodies I’ve not thought of that give me the high I long for. And through reinventing one’s approach, there is suddenly more beauty and splendor and grandeur than ever before because it’s all in how you look at it — entire songs in the same chords I’ve played over and over and I’ve not looked at them this way until now.

Regardless, the thing that makes me excited is the knowledge that there is all sorts of magic just waiting for someone to fall in love with, waiting to be unearthed, and I have the immense privilege of digging it up.

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