Found one of my old prison photos…

Found one of my old prison photos…

Reading and this hit me big time. I hadn’t thought about that last sentence much before because it’s easy to read and move on, but last night I couldn’t stop rereading it. I clicked the lamp off so inspired to live this and not just read it and forget about it. I barely got any sleep as usual. How is there so much power in a book?? Fantastiska.

So my brothers and sisters, we must not be ruled by our sinful selves or live the way our sinful selves want. If you use your lives to do the wrong things your sinful selves want, you will die spiritually. But if you use the Spirit’s help to stop doing the wrong things you do with your body, you will have true life. The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them. The Spirit we received does not make us slaves again to fear; it makes us children of God. With that Spirit we cry out, “Father.” And the Spirit himself joins with our spirits to say we are God’s children. If we are God’s children, we will receive blessings from God together with Christ. But we must suffer as Christ suffered so that we will have glory as Christ has glory.

Romans 8: 12-17

From where I’m sitting

It’s no lie to say this year has been nothing short of astounding. I just played my last show of 2012 in Seattle, and having been around the globe twice in the past six months, it’s hard to describe how blessed I feel to be here. And not simply being here — after months upon months of touring, feeling overjoyed to be doing what I get to do — I feel blessed to be alive. Thank you for paying attention to what I do and the parts of my heart and soul that are tangible via my music. Not only am I grateful beyond words for your thoughtfulness and support, I am fortunate in so many more ways than even I realize. Submerged in a world industry designed to portray an artist with a career as “being all about me,” the more I do this, the more I pray for the grace required to be in a world and not of it, it’s painfully clear that this is NOT all about me. It’s about so much more than I am as a human being who works hard and happens to enjoy art in the form of music. It’s about reaching out, loving people, and ultimately being a reflection of light — or by definition, to embody and represent something in a faithful way… So this is me sincerely saying thank you. All praise and glory to God, to whom I owe everything.

Early demo of the song. What a gem.

Basically I was having a good time before having good times even EXISTED.

Relax, it’s a feel-good song about enjoying the moment.

I’m Adam Young and I approve this message.

I can’t fall asleep because I have inspiring ideas constantly scraping the inside of my head, I can’t soften or quiet my mind and I end up lying there doing nothing. When you know you have to get up early, you end up staying up later than you would have otherwise because it’s all mental. People think insomniacs are wired and wide-awake all the time… not the case. We are always tired, we merely have a hard time allowing ourselves to spend the amount of time in “low gear” necessary to allow body and rest to meet. We have loud thoughts, ruthless minds.

Girls on the internet:

"And I just emotionally broke down and couldn’t stop crying lols"

you and i both use the internet we have so much in common

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